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Production Services

SMAC Media have been providing production services and support since 2005. Over time we have gathered an extensive database of the very best service providers and logistical support for the film and commercial industry.


Smac will tailor make a team to fit the brief for the following production services:

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Casting & Talent

South Africa has a comprehensive and varied talent pool from which top Casting Studios, Model Agencies and Character Agencies draw from to get the right person for the job. We work regularly and closely with these Agencies and have developed a trustworthy relationship to get the best for all parties concerned.

 Featured Artists
 Background Extras
 Action Extras
 Sportsmen and Women
 Standin’s


Payroll Services

Managing and the administration for all independent contractor payment and taxes.


Logistics & Support



Cape Town is regularly voted as an international bucket list destination and offers world class quality hotels at a competitive price. Through regular bookings, SMAC is in a position to negotiate a favorable rate for your stay. 

Let us assist in making your shoot a working holiday.



Over time we have sourced the best independent rental companies that provide a wide range of vehicles for:

 Cast
 Crew
 Equipment

Drivers/chaperones  with excellent customer service are knowledgeable about Cape Town and the surrounding areas to make your transport fun and informative.

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